It's time to Build Your Culinary Brand so that you can Leave Your Corporate Job.

The Chef’s Table Academy has the the step by step strategy, coaching and accountability you need to launch your business before you leap off the corporate ladder.

Ready to Stop Climbing the Corporate Ladder and Start Building Your Own High-End Culinary Brand? You are in the right place.

If you're like many of my clients, you are at a point in your life where you want a business that allows you to work from anywhere, where you can travel without counting vacation days, and you can spend quality time with your family and friends. You're ready to have a business that's built around the way you want to live, and that allows you the time and freedom to do what's most important to you.

Let's be honest, if you knew HOW to maintain your current standard of living and be a full-time culinary entrepreneur you would have done it already. 

The reality is that traditional culinary business models aren't working for you, if they were, you probably wouldn’t be reading this.  

But there’s something missing.

Hi, I’m Chef Evelyn,

 I'm a former Chemical & Environmental Engineer that left my corporate job with a fortune 100 company to follow my dreams of being a chef. After years of working in catering, being a personal chef, and selling desserts, I knew I had to find a business model that allowed my to express my love for food, but that also could sustain the lifestyle that I was accustomed to. I knew that I wanted work from anywhere, make money online, and generate passive income. When I started teaching cooking classes, hosting events, speaking and working with brands, I learned that I could create an entire brand and new way of being in food without being in the traditional culinary business models.  

How long will it take you to replace or exceed your current corporate salary with the strategies you currently have in place in your business right now?

The Chef’s Table Academy has the the step by step strategy, coaching and accountability you need to launch your business before you leap off the corporate ladder.

The Chef's Table Academy will support you with:

  • Defining Your Distinctive Culinary Point of View, so that you will be able to easily market your products and services, create a cohesive brand message and have your ideal clients come to you. 
  • Building a business that is structured around your life, so that you can always have time for the things that are most important to you and so that you don't have to choose between work and home life. 
  • Establishing multiple income streams so that you can monetize your expertise in more than one way giving you the flexibility to travel, work from anywhere and even make money while you sleep. 
  • Implementing a strategic self-care plan to help you detox from the corporate culture of overwhelm, over- working and exhaustion. 
  • Delivering a premium level of customer service to your clients so that testimonials and referrals roll in effortlessly. 
  • Crafting a strategic online and offline marketing plan so that you are consistently generating new leads and making sales. 
  • Developing a high-end brand esthetic, so that you are consistently communicating a beautiful brand story both online and in-person.
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"Chef Evelyn has not only been a great coach/mentor but more like a friend. Her willingness to share her life’s experiences in this business has made a huge impact on my life. I was hesitant on moving forward with coaching because of the price point. She gave me one example of a huge mistake I was about to make, that she made previously in the past. That explanation changed my whole trajectory and allowed me to make one of the best decisions I could've ever made; choosing her to be my coach. Life changer!" 

A. Simmons, Private Coaching Client

About Chef Evelyn

 Chef Evelyn Williams is a former Chemical & Environmental Enginner who left her corporate career with a Fortune 100 company to follow her dreams of becoming a chef. Knowing that working in resturants and hotels wasn't the path she wanted to take, she set off to beome an "out of the box" culinary entreprenuer.

Throughout her career Chef Evelyn has worked as a personal/private chef, caterer, cooking school manager, culinary instructor, pastry chef, food blogger, and brand ambassador. She has assisted various celebrity chefs such as Oprah’s Private Chef Art Smith, Martin Yan of Yan Can Cook, Food Network’s Guy Fieri, and The Chew’s Mario Batali. Evelyn has also cooked for Grammy Award Winner Sheryl Crow, Food Network’s Giada DeLaurentis, and New York Times Best-Selling Author and Mega-Church Pastor Bishop T.D. Jakes

Chef Evelyn is a graduate of the International Culinary Schools at the Art Institute of Dallas, where she graduated with honors and she also holds Bachelors of Science Degrees in Chemical & Environmental Engineering from Tuskegee University. She currently teaches corporate professionals how to build high-end culinary brands from scratch.

Chef Evelyn Williams Culinary Brand Strategist

What is the Chef's Table Academy? 

The Chef's Table Academy is a year long coaching program that walks you step by step through ever aspect of building a high-end culinary brand. 

How the Academy Works: 

Each month inside of the Chef's Table Academy, you will receive weekly assignments via video modules and curriculum guides that assist you i implementing each step of building your brand. Every other week, you will have a live Q&A call with Chef Evelyn to report on your progress and to get answers to your specific questions.


3 Steps to get Started

This Program is Perfect for...

  • Corporate Professionals who are ready to start their Culinary Business

  • Personal Chefs & Caterers who are maxed out on their client load and are looking to create additional streams of income

  • Professional Chefs who are ready to let go of the traditional "chef grind" 

AND who are ready to invest in making serious changes in their business this year.

Listen, you already know that to get to where you want to go, you have to invest in yourself. The same way you invested in your current career by going to college and maybe even a master’s degree, that's the same level of investmented needed to build a business that you don't have to take a vacation from.  

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You can always contine to spend your time scouring the internet, looking at what other chefs are doing and trying to make it your own. You can keep googling searching ideas, watching free webinars, trying to copy what other people are doing… or you can get personalize support to help you build your business.

Even if you’ve taken other programs before, you haven’t had the experience of this industry-specific blending of coaching and mentoring. 

How much longer are you going to wait for “the right time” to build the kind of brand that you need, to get the kind of life that you want? Do you really want to wait until you RETIRE to follow your passion? How many more years is that?

And let me tell you a secret... Culinary School isn't the answer you are looking for either. While culinary school will teach you how to become a better chef, it doesn't teach you have to build a business that is uniquely designed for fit your lifestyle.