If you think that the only value you provide is what ends up on your client's plate, you will always underprice yourself.

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The secret to charging higher prices isn't in just your food cost and labor. It's found in the overall experience that you offer.

In order to easily command higher prices in your food business, you have to create a High-End Brand Experience.

Searching the web or looking at another chef’s website is not the answer to knowing how to properly price your services for profit. Establishing your prices based on your experience, expertise, and the value your service brings to your clients IS.

How to Charge Premium Prices in Your Food Business:


If you are tired of clients trying to pick apart your invoices, attracting clients who have a champagne taste on a sparkling water budget, or just completely done with working long hours for low pay, this is the masterclass you have been praying for.

It's time to increase your prices.

A 90-minute intensive workshop to help you start charging premium prices in your food business.

Inside the 90-minute Masterclass you will learn:

  • Why Creating a High-End Culinary Brand is the best way to command higher prices.

Trying to increase your prices without a complete High-End Brand experience cause your clients and customers to have buyers remorse.

  • The 7-Step "Dinner Party Framework" to be able to charge higher prices with ease.

Offering your services at a high level is an art and a science. The Dinner party framework takes the guesswork out of creating a High-End Brand.

  • Why some people with "not as good" products and services are charging more and getting it.

Being a 'better cook' or having a 'better product' is not the only factor that matters when it comes to charging premium prices.

  • The 3 most common mistakes made when increasing your prices and how to fix them.

Find out what the biggest mistakes are so that you can avoid them or correct them.

  • How to have the confidence to charge higher prices.

Sometimes having the confidence to ask for what you are worth can be challenging. Discover the 4 ingredients you need to be confident in your premium prices.

Hi, I'm Evelyn,

and I'm passionate about helping culinary entrepreneurs make more money by charging premium prices in their food brands.

I'm a former Chemical & Environmental Engineer who has spent over a decade in various chef, instructor and curriculum developer capacities. I've worked with celebrity clients and ran an award-winning cooking school all after making the decision to follow my passion and pursue culinary entrepreneurship full-time.

Currently, I spend the majority of my time as a Culinary Brand Strategist, where I help my students build solid foundations that develop profitable and sustainable culinary businesses and generate multiple streams of income to scale and expand their culinary business empires.

Chef Evelyn Williams

Culinary Brand Strategist

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